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Hey There

       We are the Nelsons, and if you are looking for the perfect people to capture life's special moments you just might be in the right place! 

       Not only will we be your photographer and/or videographer, our goal is to become your best friends through the process! We know how difficult it can be to be in front of the camera but it is so much easier when you "click" with those behind the camera. 

      We, along side our team, will work to make sure your experience in front of the camera is as stress-free and fun as we possibly can, because that is what makes good memories! 


all about me - Taylor

Hi there, my name is Taylor and I am the lead videographer, video editor and founder of Nelson Films and Photography! What started out as a hobby 8 years ago turned into a lifestyle overnight when I started filming weddings several years ago under the name Paradice Productions. Add years of experience and several huge equipment upgrades and here we are!


Around that same time, I met my wife Jessica and married her in July of 2017. Fast forward to today, add in 4 cats, 2 golden retrievers, and a perfect baby girl (hi honey, I love you, I know you can’t read this yet but hey, it’ll be here when you can)  and we get to travel all over capturing couples unique love stories through photo and video and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Like Jessica wrote below, if you like adventure, coffee, the Office (honestly Scotts Tot’s is fantastic and every time Michael hands out laptop batteries I laugh every time. Hahaha) then we might have just become best friends.


all about me - Jessica

Hey! I’m Jessica our lead photographer and head of communications (if you've message us through email or social media it's me you're talking to!)  I grew up on the west coast, originally from Southern California and then lived 11 years in Washington State, before I moved to Arkansas after marrying Taylor. (How we met is kind of a long story but let’s just say if you want to meet a husband being counselors at a youth camp is not a bad way to do it hahaha) . After living in Arkansas the past few years I can say my personality is: eclectic. I still have my west coast roots of directness (which helps make sure your family photos go over seamlessly lol)  and playfully sarcastic with a some southern charm mixed in. 


If you are wanting a hype woman on your wedding day or during your senior photos, I GOT YOU! There is nothing I love more than hyping you up and making sure you know just how amazing you look! 


My goal is to be your best friend because who doesn’t love spending the day with their best friend even if they do have a camera in their hands all day. We will bond over our love of The Office (and our mutual dislike of the episode Scotts Tots.......)  Disney, Football (go HAWKS!), our beautiful babies, or anything else we have in common! 

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